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Especially many and valuable data can be gained in amusement parks with our system. In addition to the classic KPIs, our system can also output RPI data. These Ride Performance Indicators recognize whether and how well an attraction is accepted and utilized. Also, a minute-by-minute waiting time calculation can be made, which is relevant when entering the waiting area and not, as with many other systems, calculated when exiting.


Get a real-time overview of your attractions and areas in your theme park. At a glance you get data about occupancy, number of visitors, status, waiting time, change in waiting time etc.

RPI - Ride Performance Indicator

The Ride Performance Indicators include e.g:

◉ Utilisation of the attraction
◉ Waiting time in minutes
◉ Change in waiting time
◉ Number of visitors
◉ Height of your visitors
◉ Weather data
◉ Automatic detection if the ride has a
◉ Malfunction.
◉ You have access to current as well as
◉ Historical data at any time

KPI - Your important key figures

All-important indicators such as total visitors, current number of visitors, turnover per customer, capacity utilisation per area are recorded by our system and processed for you.
You have access to current and historical data at any time.


Receive all key figures as a report by email on a daily, weekly or as often as you like.


All data can also be called up via mobile APP with your tablet or mobile phone. Furthermore, important settings for the operational business can be made here.

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