About us

purematic was founded in 1999 by Michael Post and Markus Post as a company for individual software development. In 2010, under the name Bus & Bahn Technologie, a sales cooperation for the calculation of waiting times of roller coaster was established. The forerunner of today’s pure.AIS system.

Beginning of 2015 the new purematic pure.AIS System borned. The new system focuses to different kind of areas such as attractions, open places, retail shops, waterparks, spas etc.

At the same time, the digital signage business was developed to offer clients such as park operator, retail shops, restaurants, etc.the possibility to display the determined waiting times, additional information or advertising on screens.

The pure.DSS solution for central control and presentation of digital content on screens was born. Today, both systems are in use in most of the largest amusement parks in Europe and provide objective key figures around attractions and rides.
With the expansion of the solution portfolio, our system for analysing visitor frequencies has also been consistently developed for the retail and waterpark sector since 2015 under the name pure.AIS.

We also have well-known reference customers in this area. 

Can we count you among them soon? We would be delighted.

Since 2021, the pure.AIS and pure.DSS products have also been available in the areas of swimming pools, water parks and saunas and show the usage behavior of visitors in indoor and outdoor areas.

As a suitable addition to pure.AIS, operators of saunas and swimming pools can now also save energy costs with the pure.IOC product by taking into account the actual use of saunas, for example, and automatically controlling the electrical measures.

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