Visitor management for amusement parks, shows & areas

Operational key figures. Exact waiting times. Information - for visitors and management.

Do you know your visitor behavior?

Collect data about visitor behavior in your park. You can evaluate this in real time. Control the even utilization of your fairground rides - if you wish fully automated . Use the data to reliably and sustainably increase the satisfaction of your visitors . With a central overview , your parking management and security personnel always have an overview and can react immediately .

Key figures. Waiting times. In Real-time.

Key figures and waiting times in real time are very important for business operations and also for park visitors. With the help of the collected data you optimize processes and control the even utilization of your rides, shows and events. The recorded data is available for your planning at any time. Automated evaluations and overviews facilitate communication in meetings and give the park management an objective representation of the situation .

Contactless counting

Visitors are recorded without contact via sensors. All moving objects are recorded, analyzed whether it is a person and then the direction of movement determined. This information is immediately processed via a central server.

Depending on the width, one sensor per input and output is sufficient. By linking several sensors to one area, complex and nested situations can also be mapped - if necessary also in the outdoor area .

Waiting times in real time

A constant visitor count with a sophisticated and tried and tested calculation methodology enables exact calculation of the current waiting time. You determine whether these are published for your visitors, for example on monitors, your smartphone app or your website. You also specify the respective accuracy . For the park management , the waiting times are of course available in exact values ​​ for complete evaluation.


With the integrated live overview , the park management sees at any time how the current situation in the park and at the respective attractions is and can intervene immediately if necessary.

Die View is optimized for tablet and smartphone - optimal for on the go .

Evaluations & Revision security

The recorded data can be analyzed and evaluated at any time using web-based evaluation software . In this way you collect important knowledge about your customers.

The data is immediately available and you now have automatically managed documentation about your attractions.

Thanks to a authorization system , the collected figures are also available to management, park management, catenary, marketing and other departments on request - audit-proof.


Parallel to the number of visitors, we collect the current weather data through our cooperation partner This data is also available to you in the evaluations - also historically for the specified location .

E-Mail-Reports & Export

Save working time and let your colleagues automatically send you the most important reports regularly in PDF format by email.

To Further processing there is the export interface . Export the data conveniently in XLS, CSV, or XML Fortmat and simply import your desired software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Business Intelligence platform, Pentaho, etc.).

COVID-19 / Security

The visitors are counted automatically in the controlled area and visitor amounts are automatically and contactlessly controlled via monitors or notifications to your staff . This prevents infection of your staff or your visitors . Monitors also display information about current hygiene regulations .

Our contribution / Sustainable commitment

Until end of 2020 we waive the usual license costs for the use of the software. You have all software modules at your free disposal . You only pay for the installation costs and a one-time fee.

If you continue using the system from January 2021, you will receive the system at a discounted price .

If not, just send the hardware back to us. There are no additional costs for you.

Assembly & Setup

The assembly can be done by your own fitters after a short consultation with us.

We would be happy to support you with our technicians.

On-site are required:

  • Power connection
  • Network cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Optional UMTS / LTE or WiFi connection possible
  • Fast assembly possible at any time