Your system to analyze footfall traffic in themeparks.

Optimize the management of your attractions.

We deliver objective figures for reliable decisions.

pure.ais Themepark

A System to measure footfall traffic, calculate waiting periods  and evaluate key figures for attractions or retail shops. The target group are themeparks who want to know more about the economic utilization of rides  and the  behaviour of their park visitors or performance of their shops and stores around the park.


Using a centralized, web-based platform you can easily evaluate the collected data in your preferred way. The data can be exported into different formats for further processing. Interfaces to existing ERP Systems or staff scheduling software can be developed on demand.


Within the administration section you can manage access rights for each user, so that these can be set up in line with your company structure.


The recording of your footfall traffic will be realised using a stereo camera which is mounted on the ceiling above the entrance. This camera is only generating a 3D height profile of objects passing through and therefore completely in line regarding privacy policy.


Your benefit

The combination of data from different attractions allows you to review procedures and optimize attractions or stores based on objective key figures in relation to:

The Dashboard gives you a brief status of your sensors (online/offline). With only a few clicks you check the number of visitors and througput for a dedicated day/ week/ month/ quarter or year in the past. 

Current filling level in the queue and waiting period per location will be displayed - most important indicators at a glance.


Compare RPI-figures of certain time periods. Find out attractions or park areas which deviate from the average. Deeply analyse one or more of your attractions or park areas to find out reasons for a deviation. Figures from periods in the past can be added and compared easily. All evaluations can be printed or exported as pdf file or table for further processment. 

Indicators are: Queue size/ waiting period/ througput/ occupancy per period and lap time.

Get decision-making security !



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