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Adaptation, migration and hosting.

We deliver solutions.

Actual Analysis

Data beeing collected through the analysis of the current status will be evaluated. It is used to identify deviations from target to actual status and for the identification of deficiencies and weaknesses in the organization and what causes those.


Depending on the project focus 

  • strategic tasks of the relevant section will be questioned and evaluated
  • existing procedures analyzed
  • processing times and quantities listed
  • organizational structures are questioned

Target of the analysis is to find out potential to optimize. Notes and suggestions of employees will be taken as further source to find out weaknesses and potential for improvement.

target Conception

The target conception aims to develop realistic solutions matching the weaknesses and potential for improvement analyzed in the actual status. It is based on objectives defined in the project charter following the investigation of the organization.


Before the development of different concepts it is worth to reflect the aims of the investigation again.


Having the correct information at hand it could happen that targets need to be adjusted.


In this phase of the conception a target orientated way to develop a solution approach will be followed.


Approaches for  identified weaknesses will be developed. Suggestions of employees will be taken into account as well.


A project without controlling is like blind driving - resulting in a crash. To monitor the project accordingly, a close look at the status and target data is mandatory.

Monitoring and controlling combines all project manangement processes during the implementation.


Punctuality, content, progress and cost loyalty are constantly checked by us.  This is not about monitoring employees or beeing ungenerous.


It is more about the evaluation of meaningful data to be able to react in case of deviation from the conception and to act target orientated. Therefore we need to look closely and compare progress with the project plan.


Performance evaluation, making predictions and deciding on control measures are the main activities of our project management.



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