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pure.DSS allows you to control and administer digital content on screens through a centralized application.

Using  a webbased platform you can manage content like slides or videos to be presented on screens linked to the service.


You build date and time-controlled schedules for your campaigns using the media library. You can easily change campaigns partly, deactivate or link them to a different screen. The ability to build groups of screens makes it simple to distribute your content. The media library helps you not to loose control of your slides and videos.

The user concept allows you to assign different rights in relation to the content and the management of screens and storyboards. Advertising agencies can control, manage and invoice complex customer structures using pure.DSS.


The displayed content will be noticed and recorded. At anytime an itemized invoice per customer, monitor or slide can be created.


Digital Signage ?

Today the presentation of company information, adverts or product offers should be attractive and up to date. High quality pictures or videos receive much more attention and pass your message way better, easier  and faster.


Content can be defined individually and specifically based on location to gain increase in customer satisfaction, image promotion and revenue increase. 


Whether you need to distribute simple information to different locations or you want high quality image and product adverts at your points of sale...


...there are many reasons to decide to use pure.DSS.


It is the competitive alternative for old fashioned mediums like posters. Beeing much faster and saving money right away. 



Your ideas are the limit !



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