purematic was founded back in 1999 focussing on individual software development. Owner of the company is Michael Post, certified computer scientist. In 2010 the business segment of digital signage was started. Our product in that segment is called pure.DSS, which allows to display and manage digital content on screens using one centralized webfrontend. On top of that a business cooperation named ´Bus & Bahn Technologie´ led to the development of a system to calculate waiting time and evaluate key figures for the optimization of funpark attractions like roller coasters, water rides and others. Starting 2010 the developed product is up to now in use in nearly all big amusement parks around Europe. After the business segment of footfall analytics was established for the retail market in 2015, the system pure.AIS has been developed to combine themepark and retail analytics in one product. 


Software Solutions: Individual software development matching your growing company structures, managing migrations or setup of standard software. A solid analysis, a clear concept and professional management of projects is what we stand for since more than 16 years. 


Themepark Analytics: Get objective key figures to manage and optimize your attractions. Visitors, waiting time, number of people in the waiting area, total throughput, throughput per hour and weather data can be checked at a glance. Compare attractions and find weaknesses.


Retail Analytics: Using our pure.AIS system allows you to get reliable figures about your visitors. Duration of stay, conversion rate, height of visitors, weather data and heatmaps are important parts of the reports which give you the decisive advantage to manage your points of sale.


Digital Signage: To display customer orientated, modern, promotional, informative and diverting content on screens is comfortable and easy using pure.DSS. Customer satisfaction  and loyalty will raise. Changes and updates are live within a second thanks to central management of screens.



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