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Solutions with pure.AIS

Commercial Manager

Analysis of visitors and occupancy

Any time period can be evaluated and visitor and occupancy peaks can be identified. In addition, comparisons can be made and trends in visitor development can be identified at an early stage. Future planning is made much easier. Finally, the Commercial Manager has objective figures at his fingertips to make well-founded decisions. Weather data facilitate the evaluation of figures.

Analyse KPI Standard

Durch den Import von Kassendaten der Shops entsteht ein ganzheitliches Bild. Endlich werden Shops untereinander objektiv vergleichbar. Die gezeigte Conversionrate gibt Aufschluß über die Effizienz des Personals in der Kundengewinnung. Bei vergleichsweise niedriger Conversionrate können Schulungsmassnahmen des Personals eine positive Entwicklung des Shopumsatzes bedeuten. pure.AIS liefert Ihnen Hinweise auf Optimierungspotentiale.

analysis hotspots

The Heatmap function shows you the detection range of the sensor and the dwelling points of the visitors recorded there. You will immediately see the main points where visitors stay longer. The design of the sales area and the placement of products can thus be optimized.