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Soutions with pure.AIS

Store management

Analysis KPI Standard

Mrs. Müller first compares 2 days on which employee A was alone in the shop for hours and a colleague was present at the same time on another day. It can be seen that employee A has a clearly decreasing conversion rate in the times when she is alone in the business. Ms. Müller verifies this finding by further comparisons of other days in order not to draw any hasty conclusions.

Analysis Dwell time

When looking at the visitor retention time at times of low conversion rate of employee A, it is noticeable that she deviates strongly from the average of other times. She is significantly shorter or significantly longer, but without showing any sales success. Employee A could possibly be offered a training course with the goal of getting more confidently into customer contact.

Analysis KPI Matrix

When planning the personnel deployment of employee A until the training has been completed, Ms. Müller would like to avoid scheduling the employee alone on the floor or, if so, only at times when visitor frequency tends to be low. Ms. Müller analyses a whole month of visitor numbers and cumulates them with the help of the KPI matrix to one week. She recognizes at a glance the least frequented times.