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Solutions with pure.AIS

Management board

Analyse visitors with weather data

When comparing the weather data of branches in different areas, it becomes clear that the weather situation was similar and did not have much influence on visitor behaviour. Even at comparable locations, despite worse weather, a higher frequency can be observed than in locations with better weather.

Analysis KPI Standard

The comparison of quarterly key figures for the current period with the figures for the previous year shows a significant decline in revenue per customer and a decreasing number of articles per customer. With simultaneously increased conversion rate. This is where we can start. A further qualification of the area management and branch management in the area of cross-selling and up-selling through training measures can be aimed at.

Analysis KPI Matrix Comparison

In the matrix comparison of the previous quarter with the same quarter of the previous year, it is noticeable that the weekdays Tuesday and Wednesday in particular are strongly affected by a decline in sales per customer. Here a further analysis of the personnel deployment plans can certainly give indications of how these days can be improved in the future by trained personnel.