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Solutions with pure.AIS

Area management

Analysis KPI Standard

When looking at the key figures in a branch comparison, Mr. Paul cannot believe his eyes. His assumption was that store A would not exploit your sales potential. In fact, it turns out that store A has a significantly higher conversion rate than all other stores in the area and can therefore be regarded as a good example for other stores in this respect, since in comparison significantly more visitors are made customers.

Analysis KPI Kontra

In the comparison of the very efficient working branch A to further branches, Mr. Paul filters out the branch C which generates only 47% more customers compared to A with over 300% more visitors. This is where Mr. Paul wants to start and plans to use the branch management of A on a daily basis in this branch to achieve a training effect at branch C.

Analysis KPI Matrix

In order to find out on which days it makes most sense to use store management A in store C, Mr. Paul analyzes the distribution of the conversion rate of a month on a cumulated basis of one week using the KPI matrix. He filters out the days Monday and Tuesday and uses the store management of A on these days for training purposes at store C.